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How to Create High-Converting Content: Four Types You Need to Know

Putting together the right content can attract your future customers to make a purchase or book your services.  



Storytelling creates a connection with your customer.  This connection that you create through storytelling establishes emotion and a vested connection between you and your potential customer.  Here are content ideas to help you tell a story: 


  • Share your business founding story 

  • Introduce you team members 

  • Share customer success stories 

  • Share stories that align with your brand 


Social Proof Content 

This type of content uses social validation to demonstrate the value of your product or service.  It helps to build the credibility of your brand. 


Content Ideas for Social proof: 

  • Share your customer’s content featuring your product/service 

  • Share customer reviews 

  • Show behind the scenes 


Value focused content 

This type of content focuses on providing value to your audience and can include tips and educational resources.  Value focused content defines your product or service as a helpful resource in your industry. 


Value focused content ideas: 

  • Educational guides (just like this one) 

  • Product demonstration videos 

  • Share resources that have helped you  




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